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King's College London - MSc supervision


  • 2022: “Non-specialist led interventions delivered to women with perinatal depression living in rural communities”

  • 2022: “Maternal depression in mothers of infants with congenital heart disease”

  • 2022: “Assessing anxiety scores in mothers with infants with congenital heart disease”

  • 2022: “Unethical behaviour in the workplace: A registered report”

  • 2021: “Temperament in toddlers at elevated likelihood for neurodevelopmental conditions”

  • 2020: "Maternal antenatal anxiety and heart rate variability”


King's College London - Graduate Teaching Assistant (teaching and marking) 


Spring 2021 term - Open Science module (BSc Psychology) 

Spring 2020 term - Addressing problems module (BSc Psychology) 


Autumn 2019 term - Research methods module (BSc Psychology)

                                  - Inspirational research module (BSc Psychology) 

Oct 2019 - Lecture and workshop: How to get on a PhD programme (MSc Neuroscience) 

Spring & Summer 2019 terms - Research methods module (BSc Psychology)

Feb 2019 - Lecture: MRI as a tool for understanding early development (MSc Child and Adolescent Mental Health


Autumn 2018 term - Research methods module (BSc Psychology): Graduate teaching assistant (teaching) 

Nov 2018 - Lecture and workshop: How to get on a PhD programme (MSc Neuroscience)


Summer 2017 - EEG Analysis Summer School - Mobile EEG demonstration 

2016-2017 - Inspirational research module (BSc Psychology): Module facilitator - mobile EEG. 

Reviewing manuscripts

I have been asked to act as a reviewer for the following journals: Biological Psychiatry, Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, Developmental Psychobiology, Archives of Women's Mental Health, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Frontiers in Psychiatry etc. 

Guest on Impostor Podcast 

April 2022 I was a guest on Impostor Podcast, alongside Dr Madeleine Pownall,

Postdocalypse Podcast

Postdocalypse was started by a group of King's College London PhD students, who wanted to share their passion for science with the general public. Episodes are published monthly. 

As part of this initiative, I took on various roles including host, editor, producer, panel member and guest. You can follow us on Twitter @Postdocalypse18 and listen to our episodes on your podcast platform of choice (Soundcloud, iTunes, Podbean etc). 

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Public Engagement Committee

Between May 2020-2021 I was a member of the Public Engagement at the Wellcome EPSRC Centre for Medical Engineering. My responsibilities included being an ambassador of public engagement within my department, helping set the direction of public engagement and develop the Centre's strategy, as well as reviewing public engagement grant applications. 

 STEM for Britain 

Was accepted to take part in STEM for Britain 2019 , a scientific poster competition in the House of Commons, where I presented my work on maternal stress and early brain development to Members of Parliament.

Writing for general audience


Discussing my research with Plymouth MP Luke Pollard

Lautarescu, A (2018). Harmonics of the mind. The Psychologist, 31, 78.

Skype a scientist

Took part in "Skype a scientist", an initiative that matches scientists with classrooms around the world for Q&A sessions that cover scientific expertise and what it's like to be a scientist.

MRC Festival of Science 2017

As part of the MRC Festival of Medical Research, the Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre (SGDP) at King's College London welcomed 550 school children and their teachers. I ran an EEG stand, where children had the opportunity to learn about brain activity through fun games including racing toy cars using EEG caps. 

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Policy making - Royster Global Fellows

Member of Royster Global Fellows. Working in partnership with students from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and King's College London on a white paper which discusses the role of a civic university. This white paper is the result of a 3-day conference which included engagement with Black Cultural Archives London, South London Citizens, The Science Gallery London, and London Air Quality Network. 

In 2019, I attended a second conference on the topic of "Borders". Output tbc.

Down syndrome Open Day - CIDDRG Research Group - 2015

As part of the Cambridge Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Group (CIDDRG) Open Day (March 2015), I engaged with members of the local community and study participants as part of an event organised for Down syndrome day. I had the opportunity to explain my research findings to participants with Down syndrome and their carers and to talk to them about the neurobiology of Alzheimer's disease. 


Courses attended: 


  • Brain connectomics course, Verona, Italy (23-27 Sept 2019)

  • Neuroimaging hackathon (11 Jan 2019) 

  • Basic neuroanatomy (11 June 2018) 

  • MRI Safety assessement (7 Feb 2018) 

  • MrTrix3 Course, Paris, France (22-24 June 2018) 

  • FSL Course, Adelaide, Australia (17-21 Nov 2017) 

  • Neuroanatomy for imagers (02 Nov 2017) 

  • Introduction to whole body imaging (12 Oct 2017) 

  • Imaging Sciences Health and Safety training (02 Oct 2017) 


  • Statistical analysis with R (14 May 2019) 

  • Data management using R (28 Feb 2018) 

  • Introduction to programming in R (29-30 Jan 2018) 

Research skills training: ​​

  • Good clinical practice refresher (30 Jan 2020) 

  • UKRN Advanced Methods in Reproducible Science (5-10 Jan 2020). 

  • Publishing high impact papers (13-14 Jun 2018) 

  • Critical thinking (18, 25 May 2018) 

  • Research ethics and integrity (8, 12 Jan 2018) 

  • Experimental design and statistical methods (10-11 Oct 2017) 

  • Good Clinical Practice (05 Oct 2017) 

  • Informed consent (03 Oct 2017) 

  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)-2 (25 July 2016) 

Other research training: 

  • UK Open Research Working Groups symposium (08 Sept 2020)

  • The Cost of Correcting Bad Science (08 July 2020) 

  • Organisation for Human Brain Mapping Conference (22 June - 04 July 2020) 

  • King's Open Research Conference (11 June 2020) 

  • UK Marce Society for Perinatal Mental Health day symposium (19 Sept 2019) 

  • Begin before birth course (27 June 2019) 

  • British Neuroscience Association Conference (16-17 Apr 2019) 

  • Developing Brain in Health and Disease (19-20 Mar 2019) 

  • Royal Society for Medicine: Depression (29 Jan 2019) 

  • UK Marce Society for Perinatal Mental Health day symposium (13 Dec 2018) 

  • Perinatal Mental Health (03 July 2018) 

  • Research in special settings with vulnerable populations (23rd May 2018) 

  • Quantitative genetics and twin modelling (19-23 Mar 2018)


Social Media, Public Engagement, Policy : 

  • Engaging with policymakers (02 May 2018) 

  • Health Sciences DTC Podcast training (31 Jan 2018) 

  • Introduction to Blogging and Social Media (11 Jan 2017) 

Personal development: 

  • Virt2ue ethics Train the Trainer course (14 Oct 2020 - 01 July 2021) 

  • Royster Fellows Development Programme 2, UN Chapel Hill, US (29 May 2019 - 31 May 2019) 

  • Royster Fellows Development Programme 1 (23rd March 2018 - 11th June 2018) 

  • Springboard Women's Development Programme (16 Mar 2018, 13 April 2018, 08 June 2018)

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