Doctoral researcher interested in neurodevelopment, imaging and psychopathology. Currently working on the Developing Human Connectome Project (dHCP), investigating fetal and neonatal brain development in the context of maternal prenatal stress. Funded by a Medical Research Council studentship

Outside of research, I am interested in open science, public engagement and policy making. 

You can find me on twitter at @AleLautarescu

Professional membership: Marce Society for Perinatal Mental Health

                                             British Neuroscience Association 

                                             Federation of European Neuroscience Societies

                                             British Association of Perinatal Medicine


2017 - present       King's College London - PhD in Perinatal Imaging and Health

2014 - 2015           University of Cambridge - MPhil in Medical Sciences (Psychiatry)

2011 - 2014           University of Exeter - BSc(Hons) Psychology with German

Experience and training

Imaging: MRI, (mobile) EEG, eye tracking

Data analysis

      Programming languages: R (intermediate), Python (basic), Matlab (basic), Bash (basic)

      Other software: FSL, MRTrix3, Paraview, DTITK, ITKSnap, SPSS


Expertise: Autism, Down syndrome,  Dementia, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, early development 


      Toddlers and Children ​

       ADOS-2: Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 

       Mullen Scales of Early Learning

       Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales 

       Structured free play



       ADOS-2: Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 

       DIVA: Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in Adults

       MINI: Mini International Psychiatric Interview 

       SOFAS: Social and Occupational Functioning Assessment Scale 

      Older adults with Down Syndrome

       CAMDEX-DS: Cambridge Examination for Mental Disorders of Older People with Down Syndrome 

       CAMCOG-DS: Cambridge Cognition Examination in people with Down Syndrome

       SIB: Severe Impairment Battery 

       ACTB: Arizona Cognitive Test Battery 

       CANTAB: Cambridge Automated Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery 

       Table top tests: Tower of London, Weigl sorting task, Spatial reversal, Scrambled boxes, Cats and dogs, Oliver                                   memory test for sentences, Oliver object memory​, Verbal fluency for animals



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Email                        alexandra.lautarescu@kcl.ac.uk

Twitter                     @AleLautarescu 

Correspondence      Centre for Developing Brain 

                                  King's College London 

                                  1st floor, South Wing, St Thomas' Hospital 

                                  London, SE1 7EH

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